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We specialize in all sorts of refinishing jobs, no matter the space or size of the project, our prices will always be fair and reasonable.

Denver kitchen cabinet restoration. Consist of professionals and experts highly skilled interested and committed to providing you with exceptional attention and high quality on our services.

Since our company was founded, we established our goal to always provide the best service and experience for our clients. And from that moment, we have committed to accomplish it. We take pride in our professionalism and the outstanding results of our work.

We understand that refinishing and updating parts of the house like your kitchen cabinets could be not only a time-consuming task but an incredibly expensive feature. That is why, at Denver Cabinets we offer great alternatives of cabinet refinishing, which not only saves you time and money but also fulfills your vision of how you wish your kitchen to look like. Our services include Kitchen and Cabinet, Stain as well as Painting Services. Always have in mind that we pay close attention to the look and style you envision for your kitchen. Depending on your requirements.

we count with the perfect service to suit your needs.

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Cabinets Denver, Kitchen, Painting Services the Best Ways to Treat Wood in Our Staining Services.

Is an experienced company in Denver, Colorado, also providing efficient and high and outstanding quality deck refinishing.

denver-cabinetsMany years of experience have provided our professionals with an impressive knowledge when it comes to the best ways to treat wood in our staining services. Cabinets restoration Denver, Denver kitchen cabinets refinishing

As it is common knowledge, any person owning a deck or any kind of wood siding, furniture or even wood floors and balconies in their houses, has to take special care of it. Since for being an outside home feature, it is severely exposed to constant and diverse weather changes. From bright sunshine or heavy rains to snow and ice. Wood is also especially prone to rotting and unfortunately

once that process begins, it would have to be replaced.

These factors can be prevented with an adequate staining process.

colorado-kitchen-and-bathroom-restoreStaining is considered and well known for being the best choice not only for preventing the wood from discoloring but more importantly, to protect wood from damage when it comes to rotting or weather changes and also, from other decaying processes that can increase the rotting potential such as mold, termites, pests and other factors like mildew.



Many homeowners consider the kitchen to be the most important room in their houses, and that is precisely why they have chosen us to turn into reality the kitchen of their dreams. Here are some of their stories.

Mary H. – As the years passed by, our cabinets became too old and damaged, but we were hesitant to restore them for our fear that it could stain our furniture or even floor. So when we finally decided that it was time to take the lead of faith, we were amazingly surprised by how efficient the work is done and amazingly surprised by the result. And the best part is that I didn_t have to clean anything afterward.

Sarah K. – My experience with Cabinet Restoration co, was 5 star! They respond immediately and have excellent communicators. The work staff was respectful and very polite, and clearly, have a lot of experience in their field because I couldn_t love more my kitchen more. My cabinets are beautiful and the color is exactly what I wanted.

Jess & Ryan B. _ When we bought our house in 2008 we were shocked that within a few months our dream of the perfect golden oak kitchen had turned into a nightmare due to the builder stain job. No matter how much we cleaned our cabinets the problem didn_t disappear, in fact, it worsened. So in the autumn of 2016, we contacted Cabinet Restoration, still unsure if the problem could be fixed and especially if it was affordable. We received our response from the company with a reasonable estimate very quickly and we began working on the design. We were scheduled within a few weeks, and within 8 days our kitchen had been transformed, pleasing even our highest expectations and standards. Jess and I are very pleased with the service, quality, and workmanship of Denver Cabinet Restoration. We can proudly say that we have found the perfect company for cabinet restoration.

Gary O. _ After living for many years with a dark stained kitchen we decided it was time for a change, so we contacted Cabinet Restoration to paint our kitchen cabinets and we love how beautiful the result was. The painters showed us how professional they are by tapping off everything and cleaning up once they finished. We just wish we had found DCR sooner.


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